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Sheared E × B flow encountered in space plasma excited from two controllable methods
Kexin Huang, Xiao Zhang, Rong Jin, Yu Liu, Jiuhou Lei
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The progress in exploring the structure and
RUAN Jian-bin, ZANG Jian-ye
The discovery of histone demethylase LSD1 is an important progress in the field of epigenetics, indicating that histone lysine methylation is a reversible and dynamic process like other covalent histone modifications such as acetylation, phosphorylation and ubiquitylation.Structural and functional research results demonstrate that LSD1 regulates the activation and silencing of gene transcription and the function of p53. LSD1 plays a significant role in the development of several cancers and is a potential target protein for developing anti-cancer drugs.
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ABC transporters and human diseases
HOU Wentao, WANG Liang, XU Da, CHEN Yuxing, ZHOU Congzhao
Adenosine triphosphate(ATP) binding cassette transporters, known as ABC transporters, is a kind of active transporters which can be found in all kingdoms of life. It normally consists of four domains: two transmembrane domains (TMD) and two nucleotide-binding domains (NBD). NBDs hydrolyzes ATPs, and the produced energy can be used by TMDs to transport substrates across the membrane against the chemical potential. ABC transporters anticipate in a variety of physiological process, because almost all functional molecules can be recognized as substrates by ABC transporters. The human genome encodes 48 ABC transporters in total, and dysfunction of the transporters is directly related to some major diseases. This essay summarized the classification and features of human ABCs, and emphasized the latest research progress of structure studies of human ABC transporters, as well as their relations with human diseases.
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The influence and moderating effect of trust in streamers in a live streaming shopping environment
Qi Dai, Xiaolin Cui
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Deducing for dynamic time warping distance
The current research achievements show that the dynamic time warping (DTW) is the best measure in most area of time series similarity measurements. However, the high time complexity for calculating DTW distance directly, and the fact that DTW does not satisfy the triangle inequality, render it impossible to deduce TWD quickly. Nowadays DTW optimizing methods are mainly devoted to designing low time complexity DTW low bound distances with low time complexity to accelerate time series comparison. Unfortunately, these DTW low bound distances cannot be deduced, either. Therefore, it must be compared one by one to compute time series similarity, which has high I/O cost. A novel educible DTW low bound distance is thus proposed, along with a corresponding index building method and a similar time series query algorithm. It is the first research on the DTW deducing problem. Extended experiment results show that compared to current technologies, the proposed method is efficient in both time complexity and I/O cost.
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An analytical study on early kick detection and well control considerations for casing while drilling technology
Said K. Elsayed, Hany M. Azab, Adel M. Salem
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Photocatalytic methane conversion over metal oxides: Fundamentals, achievements, and challenges
Jiang Wenbin, Low Jingxiang, Qiu Chang, Long Ran, Xiong Yujie
With the rapid development of combustible ice and shale gas mining technology, the reserve of methane (CH4) has been growing abundant. Therefore, there is a paradigm shift, where CH4 is not seen only as a hydrocarbon fuel, but also as carbon feedstocks for synthesizing various value-added chemicals. However, the conventional CH4 conversion technology, especially steam reforming of methane, normally requires extensive energy input due to the extremely stable bonding of CH4. To this end, photocatalysis, which can break the thermodynamic barrier of CH4 conversion, has been known as a promising candidate for reaching large-scale CH4 conversion under ambient condition. In the photocatalytic CH4 conversion researches, metal oxides have been extensively investigated mainly due to their high oxidation capability. In this review, a discussion is first given on the fundamentals of CH4 conversion and the advantages of metal oxides in such a reaction. Then the development of metal oxides-based photocatalysts in various CH4 conversion reactions is reviewed, including total oxidation of methane (TOM), partial oxidation of methane (POM), dry-reforming of methane (DRM), non-oxidative coupling of methane (NOCM), lattice oxygen mediated oxidative coupling of methane (LOCM) and so on. Finally, the opportunities of metal oxides-based photocatalytic CH4 conversion along with the challenges are summarized.
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BDAP: A data mining platform based on Spark
BU Yao, WU Bin, CHEN Yufeng, BAI Demeng
Large data processing system has become a hot spot research issue in the field of large data. First of all, The data analysis platform architecture and the function was analyzed, dividing it into the data source layer, data absorption layer, data storage layer, data platform layer, security and monitoring layer, equipment layer and application layer. Platform includes multiple data preprocessing and algorithm modules. The platform architecture provided a foundation for the big data analysis. The platform comprehensively features which can be freely combined. The coupling degree between the modules is low, which is convenient for maintenance and further development. From the user's point of view, the adjustment of parameters, the establishment of the process, monitoring, and data mining process are all visual, and workflow and scheduling stream technology are available. Terms of performance, the BDAP algorithm works better than Hive and MLlib. Finally, an example illustrates the application scenarios of this data mining platform. After analyzing the circuit fault and meteorological data, faults can be predicted and classified. Also video mining can be used to get useful information.
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